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     ENGEL 900 Watt Digiwave Generator - SHX1000
    Price Drop. WAS $949 Save $100.

    Ideal for caravaning and camping, this little jem will run lights, TV's, DVD's, VCR's, Stereo, cooling fans, power tools, and of course your ENGEL fridge / freezer (E-series and F-series). Compact and light enough to be taken just about anywhere. Maximum 240 volt AC output 1000 watt. Also has built in 12 volt DC output terminals for charging 12 volt batteries with a maximum of 8.3 Amps. Powered by an air cooled 4-stroke OHC engine (model# GXH50) Unleaded fuel, with a 3.8 litre tank that will run up to 8.6 hours at 1/2 load or 5.5 hours at full load. With the option of silent mode or power mode, the sound level is only 58dB (1/2 load / 7m) 12 Month Warranty

    External dimensions: L 465 W 265 H 380 (mm)

    Net Weight: 14 Kg

    Power: 240 volt AC single outlet, 12 volt DC charging teminals

    Price: $849.00 (AUD) plus $20.00 delivery charge

     ENGEL SHX1000 Dust Cover - EGC1000
    Engel Generator Cover to suit SHX1000
    Price: $125.00 (AUD) plus $5.00 delivery charge

     ENGEL 1 Litre Generator Oil - EGOIL
    ENGEL Generator Oil

    R & D Approved Specifically made for Engel. Engel Premium Engine Oil has been specifically formulated for use in all Engel Power Equipment engines. High Quality, High Performance multi-grade 10W/30 API SJ rated engine oil. The bottle features a sight window with measurements for ease of use.

    Price: $9.95 (AUD) plus $4.00 delivery charge

     ENGEL Generator Charge Leads - EGCL
    Generator DC Battery Charge Leads

    These leads fit straight onto the terminals on the front of the ENGEL Generators and connect to your batteries terminals with alligator clips.

    Price: $10.00 (AUD) plus $2.00 delivery charge

     Honda 55 Amp 12vGenerator - MG4500
    12V (13.8) Petrol Generator/Charger

    This unit comprises a quality Honda 4 stroke, 1.8kw engine coupled by a cast housing to a 55 Amp alternator. The housing contains control and regulation electronics as well as a 3.5 digit charge current display. It will charge a tractor or 4WD battery enough to start in 5 minutes. It will supply 14.2V (regulated) at up to 55 Amps. It is short circuit and reverse polarity protected. Unbelievably handy.


    * High current leads with alligator clips included.

    * Over voltage protected. Current limited.

    * 12 month warranty.

    * Bullet proof.

    * Weighs only 11kg.

    * Uses legendary Honda motor.

    * Control charge rate with throttle setting.

    Ideal for:

    * Mobile mechanics, electricians.

    * Earthmoving contractors.

    * Emergency 12V lighting.

    * Backup solar power supply.

    * Camping. Will run a 12V car fridge easily.

    * Boating. Will recharge boat batteries.

    Price: $1999.00 (AUD) plus $20.00 delivery charge

     YAMAHA 5200 Watt Generator - EF5200FW
    Bi-polar, revolving field

    with damper winding

    Rated voltage 240(V)

    Frequency 50(Hz)

    Rated output 3.8(KVA)

    Max.output 4.5(KVA)

    MZ360 4-stroke Engine

    OHV forced air cooled

    Recoil Starting system

    L*W*H 670*510*527(mm)

    Dry Weight 79kg

    Fuel tank capacity 25l

    Operating hours 9.7(Hr)

    Noise Level 70(db A)@7m



    Voltage regulator


    Damper winding system

    Auto decompressor

    level gauge

    Oil level warning system

    Voltage meter

    Price: $1995.00 (AUD) plus $38.00 delivery charge

     YAMAHA EF6300iSE Remote Start Kit - 7XF-Y8600-00
    Works up to 10 metres away
    Price: $1079.00 (AUD) plus $6.00 delivery charge

     YAMAHA 5500 Watt Generator - EF6600E
    When you want a lot of power, the EF6600E is a logical choice. It's capable of running most homes in an emergency situation... and it can be converted to run on propane or LP gas.

    The EF6600E has compact exterior dimensions, yet it delivers plenty of power. The EF6600E uses a 357cc, 4-stroke, OHV engine to produce serious, full-time dual-voltage power to take on heavy-load tasks like air conditioners.

    This generator provides 8.3 hours of continuous operation without refuelling, and its electric starter ensures hassle-free starting.

    OHV 357cc Engine (overhead valve) Improved efficiency Increased reliability Quieter operation

    Cast iron cylinder lining Optimal heat dissipation Provides consistent performance during continuous use

    Brushless alternator No maintenance Clean output — high surge

    Oil Watch warning system Prevents engine damage Automatically shuts off before oil level is low Cannot be re-started until oil is added

    Auto Voltage Regulation Enhanced performance Added convenience Guarantees correct power delivery even with extension cords

    Transistor Controlled Ignition (T.C.I.) Ensures fast, easy starting Reliable operation Provides clean, efficient spark

    Noise Suppressor Reduces electrical interference with TVs and radios

    Auto Decompression Automatically "opens" valve slightly to reduce initial backpressure when starting Effortless manual starting

    USFS-approved Spark Arrestor Keeps sparks from exiting exhaust system Reduces chance of fires caused by an errant spark

    Fuel Gauge Monitors fuel level

    Electric starting Provides effortless starting Electric motor cranks generator until it starts

    Economy idle When there is no load on the generator, it automatically returns to idle

    AC Non-fuse Thermal Breaker Protects AC circuit in case of an overload

    Tool Kit Makes service easier Added value Type Brushless Exciter with A.V.R, Synchronous AC Generator/Single phase

    Rated Voltage (V) 240

    Frequency (Hz) 50

    Rated output (kVA) 5

    Max. ouput (kVA) 5.5


    Engine type MZ360: 4-Stroke OHV forced air cooled

    Displacement (cc) 357

    Max. output (kW(ps)) 8.8(12.0)/4000

    Starting system Recoil/Electric


    LxWxH (mm) 894x520x510

    Dry Weight (kg) 88

    Fuel tank capacity (full)(L) 21

    Operating hours (Hr) (ECO ON) 8

    Noise level (db A(7m) 72


    Brushless YES

    Voltage regulator AVR

    Auto decomressor YES

    Electric starter NO

    Circuit breaker system N.F.B

    Fuel level gauge YES

    Oil level warning system YES

    Voltage meter YES

    Pilot lamp NO

    Noise suppresser YES

    Economy idle system YES


    Transportation kit O/P :2Wkit

    Remote starter kit Optional

    AC plug

    Price: $2790.00 (AUD) plus $39.00 delivery charge

     YAMAHA EF6600E Wheel & Handle Kit - 7RH-Y2510-00 Wheel Kit.
    2 Wheel kit to suit EF5200, EF6600E
    Price: $349.95 (AUD) plus $10.00 delivery charge

     YAMAHA EF6600E Remote Start Kit - 7VW-Y8720-A0
    Price: $489.00 (AUD) plus $6.00 delivery charge

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